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New Business Opportunities For Healthy & Functional Foods Items Created After Coronavirus!



Functional Foods are all those food items containing health-benefit extracts. Not only can these food items proactively complement nutrients for the hale and hearty people but also acts as the healing factor for physical anomalies in human beings.

A functional food container manufactured with the latest IML Technology is seeing a steep rise in their demand, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic. Countries that are witnessing a diminishing trend in the virus growth are opting for extra safe product and snack packaging containers, hence containers manufactured with the latest In-Mold Labeling are in demand.

Its manufacturing process makes it 100% safe and germ-free because the label is blended with the container during its manufacturing process under the following three methods: (All these methods manufacture 100% germ-free packaging containers)

Injection Molding

Blow Molding


What Is The Main Difference Between Functional Foods And Medicines?

Remember, medicines are prescribed by the medical practitioner and a few medicinal tablets can be purchased On the Counter (OTC) without prescriptions but are endorsed by the Medical Council.

· Functional foods require extra safety requirements. For example, any dairy product should meet all the safety standards; hence they require their product containers manufactured under IML technology which adheres to the safety norms.

· Functional foods can be consumed without any medical prescription. Say, a vegetable milk packaging container should be germ-free. Hence these containers manufactured under IML technology are in absolute demand.

· Functional foods are not a substitute for any kind of therapeutic effect of medicines.

· As per the law, all the containers should carry a label that mentions the certificate issued by the State Food and Drug Administration embossed with Health Food’

Coronavirus has compelled all the countries to focus more on the hygiene not only of the food contents but also the health food containers. Various governments are stressing on the superior quality of dairy product packaging, snack packaging, vegetable milk packaging, and various other functional food packaging giving an extra opportunity to the containers manufacturers under IML Technology.

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