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Large package biscuit wave upgrade again!



IML has revolutionised packaging of products such as dairy products and biscuits.The labelling forms a concrete part of the final product which comprises decoration. Several techniques can be used to achieve this process. Have you ever considered what would it be without plastic packaging? Plastic container with IML labelling is characterized by the following:

  • Tamper-evident or sealable
  • Freezer grade and various resin colours
  • Printing up to six colours

The change in biscuit enterprises from metal can to the plastic container was resolved after looking at the advantages that it would come along. The plastic containers have been widely used in packaging because of the following benefits:

  • It solves labelling problems
  • It has a clean, fresh look
  • It is cost saving
  • Large package biscuits can be shared with the family during a holiday gathering.

Choosing IML biscuit container
To keep freshness and shelf life intact most producers are making a preference for using IML biscuit containers instead of the conventional packaging. These containers come in different sizes and shapes with an extended life of cookies and crispness.

They have high definition printing which is customizable depending on the customers’ specifications.Its high-quality material reduces the chances of contaminating your biscuits. Before choosing the best manufacturer, you will have to look at:

  • The efficiency of their production.
  • Quality of the material used
  • Compare the prices with the other manufacturers.

The following are some cookies packaging that you can consider:
– Rectangle tub for biscuits-it is dishwasher safe and anti-counterfeiting. The container is tamper evident, and it can be fitted with a handle if requested.
-large tub for biscuits-it is larger with a volume of approximately 730ml-5200ml.
-IML round plastic cookie container-this type of container comes in custom printing and sizes. It uses a safe dishwater material, and it is microwave friendly. It is tampering evident, but it has no handle.

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