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Innovation And In-Mold Label Packaging Containers Go Hand In Hand!



Yes, today every dairy manufacturer is eyeing firmly on its product quality enhancement, market penetration, and alluring dairy packaging container. In this process, not only the food contents play a vital role but also the food packaging containers play an active role in marketing the product. IML packaging is a convincing innovative link between the manufacturer and the end-users due to its High-Density (HD) printing quality with low per-unit-cost. Also, the rectification or seasonal product change message on the label is possible with hardly any lead-time with the same content mold.

Hence more and more food and dairy manufacturers opt for this futuristic In-Mold Label Technology to outsource their dairy packaging containers from the best IML supplier. Various types of cheese box containers, cheesecake containers, and cream containers prefer superior quality IML suppliers because they get a highly sophisticated container at a very low cost without sacrificing the container quality!

How Innovation Is An Implied Qualification Of IML Technology?

A cheesecake manufacturer wants to highlight in detail the Health Friendly Cheese’ which is his latest product launch. All the ingredients used in preparing this cheese are to be highlighted in detail. The font on the label can be adjusted as per the size of the cheesecake container. The superior IML supplier can make various changes with innumerable color combinations, as per the need of the cheesecake manufacturer. Once finalized, this label will be infused in the container during the manufacturing process of the container with the futuristic IML technology. This innovative product launch has proved to be an increasing Point of Purchase (POP) sale.

In case, after two months, the same manufacture wants to launch a new cream or different cheese variable, IML plays an innovative and less costly role! Keeping the container mold the same, only different messages can be printed on the label depending on the message to be passed on to the customers. The cheese box or a cream container will have different messages printed for their contents by incurring only the label creation cost. This method will positively curtail on all other expenses.

Hence more and more food and dairy manufacturers decide to avail In-Mold Label Packaging Technology!

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