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Importance Of In-Mold Labeling Process In Chinese Coffee Market



Why In-Mold Labeling (IML) Process Has Become A Necessity In The Chinese Coffee Market?

Until yesterday, Chinese people were perceived as tea lovers across the world. But recently there is an upward graph of the acceptance of coffee culture in China! Especially generation next has embraced the coffee drinking customs. And this has developed acute importance of the In-Mold Labeling process in the manufacturing of different types of IML plastic coffee cups, plastic cups, plastic drink cups, plastic milk teacups, and cups with a straw hole, etc.

What Are The Main Advantages Of In-Mold Labeling, Especially In The Coffee Market?

· China always prefer the suitability trends concerning the health and wellness of their people, which is offered by IML

· The material used in the manufacturing IML plastic coffee cups or plastic drink cups does not have any negative impact on the health of the consumers

· Due to IML packaging, the nutrition value and the ingredients used in preparing coffee can be printed on the IML plastic coffee cups with HD quality graphics

· The entire IML plastic cups and cups with straw holes are environment friendly

· Plastic cups and plastic drink cups design can be altered many times with hardly any redesigning costs

· The final container is lightweight and suitably shaped for easy transport

What Are The Various In-Mold Labeling Processes’ Used In Manufacturing Fascinating Coffee Containers/Cups?

Injection Molding: In this process liquefied polymers and preprinted labels are infused together in the commencement phase at a controlled temperature.

Blow Molding: Very useful in infusing the label into the hollow plastic containers by blowing air into the tube. The label is blended on the inner surface of the container

Thermoforming: Hot sheets and preprinted labels are infused (embossed) together with this IML process.

To conclude – In-Mold Labeling is a process that is used in manufacturing coffee containers wherein an alluring pre-printed polypropylene label is infused with the packaging cup or container during the initial manufacturing of the container. Not only does it gives the superior quality product but it also enhances the look of the cup. IML Packaging is very successfully used in the packaging containers of Iced Coffee, many famous Hot Coffee brands/counters, Plastic Milk Tea Cups, Plastic Drink Cups, Cup with Straw Hole, Plastic Cups, IML Plastic Coffee Cups, etc.

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