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IML PP Food Packaging Containers: The Ideal Choice for High-Temperature Retorting



In the modern food packaging industry, maintaining food safety and quality is of paramount importance. When it comes to retorting food at high temperatures, selecting the right container becomes crucial. In many food sectors, after the food is filled into containers, it undergoes high-temperature sterilization. The high-temperature resistance and non-deformable characteristics of PP food containers stand out in the food packaging industry. For instance, PP milk cups, PP black sesame pudding cups, PP custard cups, PP yogurt cups, and more all require high-temperature retorting before entering the market. This helps to extend the product’s shelf life.

High-Temperature Retorting Features of IML PP Food Packaging Containers:

IML food packaging containers are made using In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology, and they perform exceptionally well under high-temperature retorting conditions. Their key features include:

  1. High-Temperature Resistance: IML food packaging containers can withstand temperatures of up to 121 degrees Celsius. They do not deform or release harmful substances at high temperatures, ensuring food safety.
  2. High-Temperature Stability: The high-temperature stability of these containers extends beyond their heat resistance. They are less likely to crack or break in high-temperature environments, ensuring that food remains intact and maintains its quality during cooking.
  3. Sealing Performance: IML PP milk cups offer excellent sealing performance, preventing moisture evaporation and the entry of external contaminants. This helps preserve the flavor and texture of the food.

The outstanding high-temperature retorting features of IML PP food packaging containers depend not only on the materials used but also on their manufacturing process.

Materials: These containers are made from polypropylene (PP) as the base material. Polypropylene boasts exceptional high-temperature stability, is less affected by heat, and does not release harmful substances.

IML Technology: IML food packaging containers utilize In-Mold Labeling technology, an innovative method that integrates labels into the containers during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the labels adhere firmly to the containers and do not come off or get damaged during high-temperature retorting.

Production Process: The production process of IML PP food packaging containers involves heating PP raw material particles until they turn into liquid, flowing into molds through a hot runner, and undergoing high-pressure, high-speed one-piece injection molding. Every detail is meticulously controlled to ensure the performance and safety of the containers under high-temperature conditions.

In conclusion, choosing IML PP food packaging containers allows you to confidently retorting food at high temperatures, ensuring longer shelf life after sterilization, without concerns about container performance.

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