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Functional Snack Food Packaging Has Increased The Demand For IML Packaging For Functional Foods Like 125ml Chocolate Container!



Functional Foods – The food items that fall in the category of Dietary Items, apart from providing nutritional value and energy to the human body. Functional Foods also enhance physiological response and diminish the risk of ailment. It has been proved that In-Mold Labeling technology (IML packaging for functional food) is perfection beyond improvement in producing 125ml chocolate containers and functional snack food packaging.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the entire world’s dietary requirements of all consumers. Consumers’ interest is tilting toward functional food habits. Maybe COVID-19 became one of the catalysts to switch the consumers’ interest at a rapid rate.

The studies have proved that American consumers have understood that controlling their digestive health habits is one of the most critical factors in enhancing overall well-being. The people who are in search of the food items want additional health benefits like Immunity Support and Overall Wellness! Hence, the containers manufactured by IML packaging for functional food items are highly appreciated. There is an increase in demand for 125ml chocolate containers and IML packaging for functional food items.

Fascinating facts are seen as per the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) corporates and FMCG Global Digestive Health Report (2016) study:

  1. Around 60% of global consumers are trying to get associated with food habits that will increase their stomach health. They are sure – once their gut health increases, they will get related long-term health and immunity support benefits. Thus, items like 125ml chocolate container, IML packaging for functional foods, and iml functional snack food packaging is gaining very high importance.
  2. Functional Probiotics goes synonymous with digestive health and overall wellness. But the 2018 consumer probiotics survey conducted by FMCG Gurus confirms that these probiotics are preserved to influence the mental health and immunity of human beings.


Adding probiotics to a product speaks about most of the consumers trending functional demands, thus increasing the importance of 125ml chocolate containers, IML packaging for functional food, and functional snack food packaging.

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