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Exquisite and Compact: The 1-Liter Square Ice Cream Container, Convenient to Carry, Perfect for Modern Youth


In the convergence of gourmet delights and convenience, the 1-liter square ice cream container has emerged. This exquisitely compact square box not only facilitates easy handling but also epitomizes the taste preferences of modern young individuals. With its convenient graspability and the innovative IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology for interior labeling, the printing quality is elevated to new heights, making customers unwilling to let go.

A Compact Design for Effortless Carrying

The 1-liter square ice cream container, with its delicate and compact design, caters to the demand for convenience. Not only is it more streamlined in size, but the square design also ensures that storing and carrying are effortless tasks. Whether it’s placed in a shopping bag or stored in the fridge, finding a place for it is a breeze. With the fast-paced lifestyles of modern young people, this little container is perfectly suited to their way of life.

IML In-Mold Labeling for Exquisite Printing

This ice cream container not only breaks through in design but also demonstrates ingenuity in printing technology. Utilizing the IML (In-Mold Labeling) technique, the printing is directly integrated into the container manufacturing process, melding the pattern seamlessly with the container itself. This not only enhances durability but also showcases outstanding printing effects. This technique not only enhances the precision of printing but also enhances the visual allure of the ice cream container.

Catering to the Fashion Preferences of Young Individuals

The 1-liter square ice cream container embodies elements of fashion and youth in its appearance. The modern young generation’s focus on fashion and individuality makes this compact square box their unique choice. The square design and the expert application of IML In-Mold Labeling printing technology satisfy their cravings for delicious ice cream while expressing their distinctive aesthetic taste.


The 1-liter square ice cream container isn’t just a vessel for indulging taste buds; it’s also a representation of modern fashion and the preferences of the youth. Its refined design, convenient portability, and the utilization of IML In-Mold Labeling technology transform it into an enchanting piece of fashion artwork. Whether at home or outdoors, this small square box can become an indispensable part of young people’s lives, satisfying their dual pursuit of delectable flavors and stylish trends.

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