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What is the difference between an in mold label container and an ordinary container.



IML container: is it the best way to label your products?
IML container: is it the best way to label your products?
IML container vs Ordinary container, who is the winner?

Environmentally-friendly, recycled, 100% organic, these labels and products are very often in every supermarket. But there are different ways to make the labels and packages, most of us know ordinary or regular way, but what about In Mold Labelling? It is called as one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly ways, so let’s dig and see the differences.

The term “In Mold Labelling” (IML) is a technique where we place pre-printed polypropylene in a mold and this mold has the shape of the end product for example biscuit box or butter container. After, we add molten pre-printed polypropylene to the mold, it melts down with a label and while healing takes the form of the mold. All of this process results in label and packaging becoming into one product. In Mold Labelling process is done in these 3 production steps: Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Thermoforming.

Differences between IML container and Ordinary container:IML container has a better print quality than ordinary container because it allows to decorate all sides of the for example jam container with single label. It is also the best way to decorate freezer container or ice cream containers because mold labels scratch resistant, resist humidity and are not afraid of big temperature changes. However, if you want to label just a simple cheese box, maybe it is better to do with an ordinary container because it is faster since you can do it with your hands. IML process is environmentally friendly because labelling and packaging are consisted of the same material and also can be fully recycled. Ordinary container also can be recycled, however it is usually consisted of several different materials. IML is also popular because it can be decorated in many different materials, inks and polish and ordinary container has less choice in materials.

Both containers are used up to date but more and more companies are choosing IML because it has better quality, it is environmentally-friendly and has a bigger choice of materials.

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