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How can in-mold labeling packaging increase brand sales?



Brand Sales – Do you know the exact meaning of Brand Sales?

In a retail outlet, or a mall, or a hyper store – to increase the sales –different manufacturers’ Customer Offer’s or Brands Sale is arranged for their food items. Mostly, customers get huge discounts or 1+1 free items exclusively on those food item brands.

But if all the manufacturers are offering discounts’ – How Will Your Product Get That Exclusivity?

Your product will stand out in the crowd because of its beautiful and attractive Food Container!

If your food container is superbly attractive with excellent and high definition IML packaging label infused in it, then your product has won the battle.

To quote an example – If you are a yogurt manufacturer and want to launch a scheme of 1+1 free yogurt during brand sales period then the most important factor is the message (the scheme details) that should reach the customers.

The message printed on the label of the container – will give its exceptionality.

· This is possible when your yogurt container is uniquely designed with IML technology.

· Also, the label is infused in the container giving all the minute details of the scheme.

· And, if you are offering 1+1 free yogurt and this is exquisitely printed on your yogurt container, the customers will just pick up the yogurt container and place it in their basket.

The latest technology called In-Mold Labeling Technology makes it possible. With this technology during the manufacturing stage of the product container, the preprinted label is infused to become the part of the container giving it a gorgeous and attractive look to your food container. It is also used in dairy packaging.

Not only most of the dairy packaging containers manufacturers opt for IML technology but also many big cheese manufacturers promote their different types of cheese through brand sales. They trust their cheese container designs to promote the product and increase their sales exponentially.

For example, one of the cheese manufacturers wants to launch a scheme of 50% discount for the next 3 months to promote mozzarella cheese.

Without changing the container shape the manufacturer gets an attractive label infused in the container with all the scheme details via in-mold labeling technology. This gives his cheese container unique identity on the mall-shelf thus increasing its sales. It is possible only because of In-Mold Labeling Technology.

The Main Advantages Of In-Mold Labeling That Enhances Your Brand Sales:

· You need not change the container mold

· You just have to infuse the latest label with all the scheme details into your container during its manufacturing stage.

· You save 100% on changing the entire container mold

· Only the label design can be altered – till the time you are satisfied – with all the scheme details thus saving your cost

When the scheme is periodic (say for three months or so) you can anticipate the sale and get your food containers infused with IML Packaging technology and rework for the next scheme with the same container mold. Only the label design will be altered as per the new scheme.

Don’t you think it is a huge saving for your company?

You should immediately opt for the best IML supplier to get your product containers manufactured with the latest IML technology – Injection Molding, Blow Molding, and Thermoforming.

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