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Application of in-mold labeling technology on PP butter boxes



In-mold labeling technology is an advanced packaging label application technique that directly adheres labels to the interior of product packaging, resulting in a seamless integration between the label and the packaging surface, presenting a clear and aesthetically pleasing effect. On PP butter boxes, in-mold labeling technology offers numerous advantages and characteristics, making it a superior alternative to traditional labeling methods.

In-mold labeling technology exhibits high adaptability when applied to PP butter boxes. Honokage produces a variety of oval and curved boxes for both domestic and international markets, and in-mold labeling technology can perfectly adhere to these box shapes, enhancing the packaging design of our PP oval butter boxes and gaining favor among consumers.

In-mold labeling technology provides better label protection. Since the label is placed inside the packaging, it is shielded from direct contact with external factors such as scratches, moisture, and UV rays. This ensures the durability and legibility of the label while also offering enhanced security. By being placed inside the packaging, the label is less susceptible to tampering or counterfeiting, effectively preventing the presence of counterfeit products and safeguarding consumer rights.

Honokage specializes in providing in-mold labeled food containers, which enhance the image and guarantee the quality of various major brands. Kroger’s butter tub, designed in IML ovals, have been well-received by consumers in our 500ml and 900ml oval boxes.

Traditional labeling methods require the use of glue or tape to adhere labels to the packaging surface, which can lead to issues such as peeling and wrinkling. In contrast, in-mold labeling technology eliminates the need for glue, allowing the label to seamlessly integrate with the packaging surface, resulting in a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance that is resistant to detachment, maintaining the overall neatness and attractiveness of the packaging.

The application of in-mold labeling technology on PP butter boxes offers numerous advantages and characteristics, providing superior packaging effects and user experiences, thereby adding highlights to the product’s quality and image.

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