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Advantages of Using Polychrome IML Ice Cream Tub



Impressive labeling is an important part of marketing a product. It enhances the promotion and provides the principal information of the product to a prospective customer. It also gives a comparison to your competitors. Thus, a visually attractive label can be a strong advantage especially to new products and introducing your brand.

Using IML Ice Cream Tubs

Before, labels are printed on paper or plastic then glued to a mould that is easily wrinkled and damaged when soaked in water. Wearing out of labels can be troublesome from a marketing perspective. Unlike before, most ice cream tubs on this day use IML on their packaging to prevent damages on labels. This can also be customized to the client’s requirement and can easily be edited prior to printing on moulds, saving more time on preparing the packaging since it is printed directly to the ice cream tubs. By using polychrome IML, colors are attractive on a laminated effect and restore the contrast of the colors.

In Mould Labels also has high printing quality that provides a clean look for the ice cream tubs. This process is also easier to recycle since there are no labels that need to be removed. Since these are made from durable materials, these tubs can be reused for storing frozen and refrigerated foods maximizing the container’s use.

Strengthening the Brand Concept by Label

Colors are first seen on a product’s packaging. For example, consumers that belong to the kid’s age bracket prefer tropical and candy flavors. Printing bright colors can make these ice cream tubs eye-catching for kids, while consumers on the age of 30 and above prefer classic flavors. Thus, printing single-colored tones on the ice cream tubs are more eye-catching for them. Also, there are times that attractive labels make a consumer buy a product.

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