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1L jelly tub plus dopamine colors equal good sales



Understanding the trend of dopamine colors in China during this summer is crucial because it can help food companies seize this popular trend and attract customers’ attention. For companies in the jelly industry that target children, utilizing this trending color in the packaging design to add vibrancy and appeal would be a great opportunity.

Below is a packaging design suggestion for a 1L jelly tub, combining the dopamine color trend and in-mold labeling (IML) technology:

  1. Primary color selection: Choose bright and eye-catching dopamine colors such as orange, pink, or purple as the primary color scheme for the jelly tub. These colors will catch the children’s eyes and increase the product’s visibility on the shelves. Combining a iml transparent tub with an IML label in dopamine color and a matching lid, such as pink, will create a bright and instantly recognizable design that appeals to children.
  2. Gradient effect: Utilize gradient effects to transition the dopamine color from light to dark, adding depth and dynamic visual appeal to the packaging design. This gradient effect can be achieved through IML technology.
  3. Cute cartoon characters: Incorporate adorable cartoon characters on the packaging, such as jelly-shaped animals or jelly monsters. This will attract children’s attention and resonate with them.
  4. Fun patterns: Add playful patterns related to jelly, such as jelly-shaped figures or fruit patterns, to enhance the connection with the product itself.
  5. Clear and concise text: Use clear and concise text to highlight the product’s brand name and key features, avoiding excessive text that may distract attention.
  6. Interactive seal design: Consider creative seal designs, such as jelly-shaped seals or tear-off seals similar to candy packaging, to enhance the packaging’s fun factor and ease of opening.
  7. Safe printing: Ensure that all printing materials on the packaging comply with food safety standards, especially those in contact with food.
  8. Eco-friendly materials: Consider using eco-friendly materials to showcase the company’s social responsibility and appeal to environmentally conscious parents.

Overall, the iml 1L jelly tub packaging design should emphasize the product’s fun, cuteness, and attractiveness, while also considering practicality and safety. By combining the trending dopamine color, IML technology, and other creative elements, the jelly company can create an appealing and delightful packaging design that captures the attention of children and parents, ultimately enhancing the product’s competitiveness and market share.

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