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Some words about Yogurt Market




Yogurt is a dairy food that comes from milk fermentation.

It has healthy benefits for it is a proved pro-biotic. It supplies the body with nutrients and vitamins. The health benefits have led to the growth of yogurt market globally.


The health benefits have led to the growth of yogurt market globally.

The yogurt market bases are on product types, which include fat-free and regular yogurt. Most people prefer regular yogurt making it occupy a larger part of the revenue pie. Shortly, this will change for the awareness created towards consumption of the fat-free yogurt. Its health benefits will support the demand of fat-free yogurt product segment.

Another segment is according to the form taken by the yogurt products. There are various forms such as frozen, set, Greek and yogurt drinks.

In the market share segment, the set yogurt is the largest occupier of the pie. It is because of its usage in desserts and cooking. The frozen yogurt has two sub-segment: the flavored segment and the regular segment.

Same happens to yogurt drinks.

The two forms have various flavors of the product and health benefits. These two factors will increase the demand of the frozen yogurt and drink in future.

The yogurt segmentation is also according to the distribution channels. The Channels include hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery stores and other shopping centers. When it comes to revenue contribution, hypermarkets and supermarkets will lead in the pie position because of increased penetration of retail stores in developing regions. The online market is expected to change in the contribution revenue position for people are now engaging in online buying of such products.

Geographical borders

The geographic boundaries also determine yogurt market segmentation. In North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific region, yogurt consumption is high making them major contributors in value terms. The introduction of new, different flavors will enhance yogurt consumption and its growth in the market.

Drivers of yogurt market

Change in eating habits of consumers and availability of extra income is expected to drive the growth of yogurt market in future. Also, the existence of various flavors and the increased awareness of the health benefits related to yogurt will lead to the growth of yogurt market. Yogurt market dynamicsMany strategies have helped in the growth and development of the yogurt market. They include technology, research and pricing. Different ways of technology are being put to use to inform consumers of yogurt availability and its benefits making them reach out to try. Research has provided in details the health benefits of the product. The price is affordable to all and is cheap. Both developed and developing regions are in the ability to consume these products regardless of price.

Key player in yogurt market

The companies that are involved in the sale of yogurt are planning to expand the shares to accommodate consumers. The consumption of yogurt is growing rapidly hence the share expansion.


The primary factor that is leading to the growth of yogurt market is its health benefits and the nutrients it provides to the consumer. There is different flavor; it is up to the consumer to choose that best suits you.

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