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What’s the IML service for dairy & food plastic packaging?




The IML Packaging Service–offers the futuristic technologically driven In-Mold Labeling (IML) services to various types of industries including dairy products packaging, Chinese food containers plastic, and various others. Their latest technology will integrate the pre-printed polypropylene label into the mold beforehand. Thus, after injection, it becomes an integral part of the container. IML Packaging Service also offers the largest varieties of In-Mold Labels across the world, irrespective of the industry type! The widest choice incorporates superbly attractive labels that are blended with special effects, textured, logos and various other designs as per the clients’ choice. These In-Mold Labels can be integrated with various types of industrial, product & hood applications exhibiting very sturdy and robust quality.



The entire In-Mold Labeling Process is concentrated on the quality and perfection, especially for the dairy products packaging industry. Dairy industry always works on the Point of Sale (PoS) business! The unique categorization of the labels is the best way to create a unique brand identity amongst the brand-crowded shelves. Not only does IML Packaging Service offer the best quality of dairy products packaging and Chinese food containers plastic solutions, but also all their containers/boxes fall into the category of anti-counterfeiting containers.
Chinese food containers plastic and dairy products packaging acquires very attractive, sturdy and recyclable container, integrated with the stunning label after the completion of the entire IML process. The entire decorating methodology of IML Packaging is different from their competition–

* Offers Offset printing up to 6 colors.

* Continual enhancement of the printing processes which includes bronzing, embossing & usage of metallic inks.

* Technological advancement to use high-density graphics and detailed product visuals.

* Choices of In-Mold-Labeling forms including 3-5 face containers!

* Wraparound In-Mold Labeling is also possible that enhances the look of all the dairy products packaging and Chinese food containers plastic!

* The entire design and work are beyond copying or duplicating that is blended with anti-counterfeiting container!

* All the materials including the varnishes & containers are 100% recyclable.


Expect only the unparalleled final product for the dairy products packaging industry and the Chinese food containers plastic when all the resources are available in-house! Not only it helps to give the perfect message on the containers but also enhance the client’s brand image. The Majority of the integrated services owned by the IML Packaging Service are Research & Development Department, Printing Plants, latest Machinery, on-Site professional Engineers and own warehouse. This increases the client plant communication to get the first-hand developments. If any kind of copying is seen in the market, immediately this can be communicated to the plant, which in turn can manufacture anti-counterfeiting containers!

The major In-House Capabilities of IML Packaging Services are as under

* 3 Dimensional Drawings, original design or blueprint, and Sectional design

* Entire production process including Mold Design.

* Production Planning & Control along with Production Line Design.

* Superior Quality Control Department.

* In-house Warehousing and Logistics support.

When all the above facilities are available on the premises, there is absolutely no chance of getting inferior IML quality. This is the basic requirement of the dairy products packaging, Chinese food containers plastic and helps in manufacturing anti-counterfeiting container!


The IML Packaging Service is renowned for working shoulder to shoulder with their client’s technical, procurement and marketing departments!

* The amicable design team is qualified to offer bits of advice concerning the appearance of the final product.

* To reduce the shelf life of the products, on the retailer counter, The IML Packaging Service provides a high quality of product graphics, unique container shapes that receive maximum attention in any retail outlet.

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