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How To Reduce The IML Plastic Packaging Cost?



In-Mold Labeling–This is the futuristic technology, wherein labels are inserted in the mold during the manufacturing process of the containers to give it an enhanced look. This is done either by blow molding, injection molding or thermoforming molding process. The label and the container become one integral part as the final product because of this mold injection technology!

How Can You Reduce Your IML Plastic Packaging Manufacturing Cost?

* Combination–When there is a combination of the container manufacturing along with the in mold decoration process, there is a drastic reduction in the IML Plastic Packaging & Decoration Cost. The Label inserted in the IML manufacturing process is highly colorful, attractive and can be made of plastic or paper. No separate decoration of the container is required, which naturally reduces the manufacturing cost. Integrated In-Mold Label serves as the best decoration for the container.
* Flame Treatment Eradicated–Traditionally, in order to get the complete stickiness/adhesion to the containers/bottles, the flame treatment was necessary. In Mould Labelling has totally eradicated this process, thus reducing the manufacturing cost. In short, when compared with Cut & Stack glue-applied labels, absolutely no glue is required in case of IML technology!
* Though there is a label attached to the container, it gives a “No Label” appearance to it. This is because the label is an integral part of the container. Thus at the highly nominal cost, a quality product is manufactured.
* OEM ODM Service–Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) in IML Technology is a company, which, not only manufacturers a product/container as per their client’s design but also responsible for the entire container design! As both the responsibilities are with one IML Service Provider, there is an absolute reduction in the labeling cost. Most of the OEM manufacturing (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the OEM producer outsource their entire In-Mold Labeling from the business stalwarts like us, who offer the most competitive rates in the entire industry.
* Shrink Sleeve Label & In-Mold Labeling–When compared with Shrink Sleeve Label, the IML Label has shown an absolute saving in the raw materials and time.
* Dry Offset Label & In-Mold Labeling–A highly superior print quality at the reduced cost with respect to visuals and colors is possible with the In-Mold Labeling, especially when it is compared with dry offset label.
* Realistic Images–As the PP film is used in the manufacturing process, a very high resolution and photo-realistic images can be reproduced on the containers, at the reduced cost.
* Printing Method–At the reduced prices, the labels can be printed not only on the top and bottom of the containers but also side-wrap printing is possible at the nominal cost.
* Various Print Qualities–With the help of IML Technology, at the very competitive pricing, it is possible to select between partially transparent or fully printed containers. The finish can be either high-gloss or matt. Even the surface can be textured or smooth, depending on the quality and nature of products.
* More Cavities Mold–When you require a number of parts every month, then getting more cavities mold or multi-cavity mold is the best cost-saving technology for you! This is the best solution for reducing the rate per piece!
* When compared with self-adhesive labeling/direct labeling, a maximum area can be covered for the label placement at the highly competitive pricing. It also gives an enhanced product/container appearance.
* High- Speed Machines Used In IML Technology–IML high-speed thin wall technology is one of the most acclaimed and proven cost-cutting methodologies with very high per second output!
* Highly Secured–Because of IML process, the manufacturers does not require additional product security. The label becomes an integral part of the container and hence it is impossible to separate the label and the container.
* Increased Sales–The product becomes absolutely distinguished on the shelf of the retailer counter because of its beautiful appearance. This helps in the savings of additional marketing costs of the product. The sales are seen to be increased after using In-Mold Labels for various types of dairy and other food products.
* There is a drastic reduction in the investment of all the secondary operations with respect to the products like decorating and labeling of the product.
* Brand Awareness and recognition are absolutely superior because of photographic and visually sophisticated graphics at the most reduced pricing.
* Extended Shelf-Life – When the shelf life of the product is increased there is a direct increase in the profits of the company.
* When any container is decorated from all the sided, with the help of In-Mold Labeling technology, the brand visibility is excellent on the retailer’s shelf.
* Reduction in the usage of resin because of the thin wall reduces the weight of the container and also the shipping cost.
* IML containers are highly flexible and show very high resistance to humidity, cooling, heat, microwaving and deep freezing at the same manufacturing cost.

CONCLUSION–Opting for the In-Mold Labeling technology there is nothing but an acute reduction in the packaging cost. There are many direct and indirect benefits of IML labeling, which are directly related to the marketing costs, the shelf life of the product, product appearance and much more!

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