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Why In-Mold Labeling (IML) Is A Technological Boom In The Industry Of Plastic Container For Packaging?



In-Mold Labeling plays a vital role in the vast sector of plastic container for packaging because of the ultra-modern technological advancement we infuse during its manufacturing process! Not only does it gives the perfection in graphical images on the plastic containers but moreover makes the container stand out in the crowd.

Usually, it is quite difficult to project the exact advertisement message on the packaging containers due to the size of the container and the sharpness of the words. But our sophisticated IML technology assures you the flawless labeling solution–No adhesive or sealant remnant, no ridges or crumpling, no bumps. Our process makes the label as an integral part of the container and ultimately blends with the containers. We can directly decorate containers, bottles and any type of other plastic parts in our mold.

All the plastic containers for packaging get the well-designed and decorated final output, which is completed in one single process. The label is placed in the mold & after concluding the Blow Mold Process; the label becomes an integral part of the container.

Advantages Of Using Our In-Mold Labeling Process In Plastic Container For Packaging–

A Pre-Printed Polypropylene (PP) Label and a Plastic Container are amalgamated during our molding process of any type of container or lid. You get a vastly superior quality of printed label blended into the container enhancing the look of the container.

Superior Print Quality–Our technology is capable of delivering super-quality of graphical images on all the sides of the container.

Reduction In Cost Of Production–If you want to change your labeling design, you can do it without changing the mold. We can give you multiple designs and variations for the same sized containers.

Eco-Friendly Materials–The finished product can be recycled without removing the labels as all the raw material used in the labels and containers is environmentally friendly.

Sturdiness Blended With Sanitation–The durability of the containers to sustain refrigeration and heat point is rather low and high respectively, hence maintains the freshness of the contents!

Packaging Versatility–Our In-Mold Labeling Methodology is a perfect fit on various types of containers with different sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. We assure you that your containers will be categorically different and be the center of attraction on the shelf.

Some Important Highlights That Make Us Different From The Competition-

* We are totally geared up with substantially all the technologies (like reverse coating technology) that are used in the In-Mold Labeling process with a maximum number of color printing on the containers. We use Injection Molding IML, Blow Molding IML & Thermoforming IML that helps our clients to get a perfect design on their plastic container for packaging!
* Before leaving our premises your entire plastic container for packaging undergoes through our advanced quality check laboratory to give our esteemed customers 100% satisfaction.

* Our In-Mold Labeling has proved its mentor in various industries and their variety of applications–from household products, stationery products, Industrial items, glass, and High-Density Polyethylene used for pipes.

* Because of our ultra-modern in-house facilities, we are one of the exceptionally few IML processors that are capable of giving our clients diversified printing and decoration solutions for their various types of plastic containers used for packaging, irrespective of the industry type.

Get in touch with us and we assure you the best of our services–irrespective of the shape and size of the containers. We can likewise work on the edges and the curved surface of plastic containers as well! We can connect with our customers, wherever and as per their IML requirements, and become your One-Stop-Shop in IML!

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