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How About The Dairy Packging Industry In 2017?



The packaging material selection strategy takes into account general and specific requirements and is determined by many factors, primarily compliance with hygienic standards, as well as technological features of container production and the type of closures.

Dairy Packaging Market 2017 Industry research record provides significant information to distinguish and analyze the market requirement, market volume, and competition. Since milk can be simply contaminated because of lactose ferment, dairy products require to be packed in lasting materials, so they reach the buyer in a desirable state. The increase in demand for milk and dairy products has to lead to a change in the packaging field.

In the recent years, margarine tubs have greatly evolved. The main requirements for packaging for this category of products are high grease tightness and durability in wet conditions. These criteria completely correspond to parchment paper, thermoplastic bags, paper and thermoplastics laminates, foil.

Ice cream container manufacturers in 2017 produce paper-based packages, such as parchment, parchment, parchment, waxed and laminated materials. Tub of Ice Cream can also be made from thermoplastics.

For the cheese container for the fridge are used paraffined compositions, monofilms of polymeric materials, including those with a high degree of shrinkage, combined materials with different structures and a combination of layers.

An increase in the shelf life of dairy products is one of the top priorities of modern manufacturers. They do it with the help of new technologies of packing with the use of gas-modified mixtures safe for humans. The latter create an antibacterial environment in the packaging. The use of such mixtures not only prolongs the shelf life but also allows preserving all the gustatory qualities of a product. Packaging in most cases is a determining factor when choosing a product.

The package is a channel of communication between a manufacturer and the end user. In addition to other advertising, a package itself can carry the most complete information about both the product and the manufacturer.

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