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5 Reasons For Ice Cream Producers Choosing IML Ice Cream Packaging With Honokage



In an already saturated and competitive ice cream manufacturing industry, Ice cream makers strive every now and then to ensure that their products are outstanding. (Ice cream tubs wholesalers ask for that too!)

From time to time, they make numerous variants of flavors available to satisfy their customers and win some more; at other times they increase the volume of ice cream for less value of money and in the long run some just hope to break even and many others wind up shop.

And while it is extremely of great importance to satisfy customers at each point in time, we believe with the input of our IN-MOLD-LABEL (IML) technology, we at HONOKAGE PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO. can create and leave a perfect, never waning long-lasting impression on your customers. Who doesn’t like high definition image on ice cream cup?

At HONOKAGE PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO. we are producers of ice cream containers and we employ the revolutionary IML technology in customizing and producing plastic ice cream packaging.

Our expertise with In mold labeling technology is definitely one to reckon with for the much-needed advantage in an industry with ever growing competition. Our plastic ice cream containers do not only give your products the look of freshness and quality, they boost customers’ attraction with very sleek designs that will perfectly tell a whole lot about your products even before they taste your ice creams.

What else does the IN-MOULD-LABEL (IML) technology hold as an advantage over other technology?

We have very good understanding of materials as we carry out research from time to time to ensure we are in tune with global best practices and this makes our company stand out as one to reckon with in plastic container production but asides this wealth of experience that we so much pride in, here are some of the numerous benefits of using our IML technology for your plastic ice cream packaging.

  • We use ProlyPropelene (PP) films which are very good in generating high-resolution images that are realistic and can convey lots of intentions to the customer. The films give you the opportunity to choose between matt or gloss labels, partially or fully printed labels and to determine if you would cover the container fully or partially.
  • Our ice cream containers can be made into various designs and are very hygienic and economical because they do not require secondary packaging
  • There are different shapes to choose from square, rectangular, round and in fact, we can build molds to suit your specific needs at relatively pocket-friendly prices. The capacities of the containers we produce are not also fixed therefore, your customers can get more value for their money
  • Our focus is to help you satisfy your customers and get them to fall in love with your ice cream tubs on first sight. We have IML experts who will listen to your ideas and then develop plastic ice cream packaging that is not made of cardboard.
  • The containers are very attractive and are also easily recyclable and environmental friendly. We use inks and coatings that are produced from basic everyday materials and are at no risk to the users.

We urge you to allow us partner with you, we are certain that together we will take your ice cream business to the top with our IML technology adapted ice cream containers.

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