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5 Necessary Certifications for IML packaging Manufacturer: BRC, SEDEX, ISO, FSSC22000, BSCI



Most crucial and immensely important stage of any industry indulged in food production is the actual packaging of the end product. For their products to stand out of the league, food manufacturers go all-out to ensure the best packaging for them. The practice of packing in the food industry is popularly known as IML packing. Foods contained in these well-designed packages do not spill or spoil and prove efficacious in attracting consumers as well.

Because food industry relies on the packaging industry to an extent, it is of utmost significance to get your packaging done from only the certified and well-known packaging manufacturers. It is vitally significant to choose dairy plastic container packaging manufacturer with BRC, SEDEX, ISO, FSSC22000 and BSCI certificates if you deal in the production of dairy products. We deal in IML Food & amp industry and provide remarkable packaging solutions for ice cream tub, butter tub, yogurt tub, biscuit box and many more products.


British Retail Consortium (BRC) food packaging and packaging materials certification is an evidence of hygiene, product safety, quality systems and hazard and risk management. This certification shows a commitment of your packaging manufacturer to producing a safe, functional and legal packaging solution for all your needs.


SEDEX is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution. It is designed with an aim to reduce risk and improve supply chain practices followed by companies. It makes every possible effort to ease the burden on suppliers that often face multiple audits and questionnaires. Its motive is to make all the necessary changes in the global supply chains that can improve the ethical performance. It is not a standard setting body but a program to effectively share and manage supply chain information.


International Standards Organization or ISO is a non-governmental organization located in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization has created a system of industrial and commercial standards and has provided specifications for products, services, and systems. Quality, safety, and efficiency of the products are remarkably promoted because of these standards put forth by ISO. ISO certification has become the ‘talk of the town’ for numerous manufacturers. Millions of organizations are certified to ISO 9001 because it shows that your company meets universally recognized specifications.


FSSC 22000 is a Food Safety Management System Certification scheme. It is granted after auditing the system of your company to verify if it is in compliance with the requirements of the FSSC 22000 standard. It addresses the role of the production environment in producing safe food products.


BSCI is not an auditing company itself but it offers a wide network of external accredited, experienced and independent auditing companies. It provides a system to all the packaging companies to gradually improvise their working conditions to make their supply chain more efficient. Vision of this initiative is to make trading highly sustainable globally. Basically, this is not a certification scheme but an excellent system of the supply chain where new improvements are regularly developed and implemented.

Thus, only a reputable IML packaging manufacturer like us works in accordance with these necessary certificates to build trust among the consumers.

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